dua for life partner

Dua for good life partner

Everyone needs a good life partner for love and happy life . So dua for good life partner helps you to get a good , loving and respecting partner. If the life partner is helping, loving and respecting the one should be fullfil all his dreams and get success in there life. Lot of people face problems in choosing there life partner this dua is specially made for those to help them choose the right partner for there life .

Do this dua with full dedication and make sure to recite this every day sincerely. InshaAllah , you will find your life partner soon . This dua will help you select the best partner for you who matches all the qualities you want in your life partner.

Here is Dua to get a good and loving life partner Step by Step :-

  • You have to perform compulsory five-time salah every day.
  • Recite “Rabbi hablee min ladunka zaujan tayyiban wayakoonaa sahiban lee fiddeeni wadunyaa wal aahirat” this surah 121 times after every Salah.
  • Make sure to recite each word with proper pronunciation.
  • If you make any mistake, say Astaghfirullah x 10 times and start from the beginning.
Dua for good life partner
Dua for good life partner

Perform dua regularly for 21 days with full faith and dedication in Allah . This dua will help you to find the best partner for you . Don’t skip dua in between .

Benefits of reading dua for the good life partner :-

  1. Dua helps you to find right and ideal partner for you.
  2. This dua works as a blessing from Allah to get a good life partner.
  3. This is very effective dua and helped lot of people .
  4. With good life partner you also get a happy married life for this you can perform a dua for happy married life .
  5. Dua for good life partner helps to make the good decision while choosing the partner.

Dua for good life partner is a very beautiful dua and helped a lot of people to get their partner . If the person you thinks will be good partner for you and he / she had left you for this you can perform a dua to get love back .


To get a good husband, you must recite “Rabbanaa hablanaa min azwajinaa wa zureeyatinaa qurataa a’yunee waj’alnaa lil muttaqeena imaama” this ayat after Isha Salah every day.

Soon you will get married to a good husband and you will get very loving and respecting husband .

Important points before doing the dua :-

  1. Be thankful to Allah for giving you the good life .
  2. Have faith in Allah .
  3. Have paitnce perform surah with full paitnce.
  4. Keep good intentions and thoughts while performing a dua .
  5. Be focused towards your dua .

Precautions while performing a dua for good life partner:-

  1. Keep yourself clean . Take shower before performing a dua.
  2. Women should perform a dua during their menstruation period.
  3. Keep the surroundings clean .
  4. Do not change the place of dua fix one place where there is no disturbance.
  5. Don’t skip in between.


The dua mentioned above are for good life partner. If you feel any problem in performing dua or want to know more about your partner your choose feel free to contact Molana ji. He will help and provides you the best solution.

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