Dua for Relationship Problems

Lot of people’s face problems in their relationships due to various reasons such as misunderstandings , fights , communication gaps and more and all these leads to separations and pains . So, to solve all the problems of your relationships and get rid of separation pains here is the best and most effective dua’s for you all a “Dua for relationship problems ” . This dua for relationship will help you to maintain your relationship and strengthen it with the guidance and blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Relationship can be of any type it can be Relationship of husband and wife, it can be Relationship of love or freinds . This dua for relationship is effective in all cases and will help you to strengthen your bond with your partner’s.
Dua for relationship works as a magic and in 3 days you will see the results as your relationship will get more stronger and better. This also helps to increase love and attraction between the partner’s. Each and every step to perform Dua for relationship is mentioned below . Read it very carefully before performing and if you feel any doubt consult Molana ji to get proper knowledge.

Perform Dua For Relationship Stronger

  1. Perform Wudu.
  2. Face the Qibla.
  3. Raise Your Hands and recite Surah Ali ‘Imran verse No.8 441 times.
  4. Seek forgiveness from Allah (Swt) for any sins you have committed.
  5. Finally, say, “O Allah, protect our relationship from all harm and negativity
Dua For Relationship Stronger
Dua for relationship stronger

Perform this dua daily for 7 days with full dedication and with full faith and trust in Allah Ta’la .

Important points to be kept in mind while performing this dua-

  1. You should not make any fake or false promises to your parents.
  2. Be loyal and loving for your partner’s.
  3. Perform wuzu before starting the dua.
  4. Girls or women should not perform during their menstruation period.
  5. Always keep your intentions good while performing dua .
  6. Mention your partner’s name in dua .

Perform Dua For Relationship Problems

  1. Perform Wudu to purify yourself.
  2. Take a picture of your partner.
  3. Recite this Dua for your relationship problems: “Rabbana atmim lana noorana waighfir lana innaka ‘ala kulli shay-in qadeer.” 100 times, and seek Allah’s help in resolving the problems in your relationship.
  4. Finally, Blow on the picture and ask Allah SWT to remove all your problem.


These dua is very powerful and effective and has been practiced since ages. This dua helped lot of people’s in strengthening there relationship. If you want to consult about your relationship or you feel any problem in reciting the dua feel free to contact Molana ji . He is 24*7 available to listen your problems and provide you best solution with the guidance of Allah .

Frequently Asked Question-

Do this dua help me to make my bond stronger with my spouse?

Yes , this dua for relationship will help you to strengthen your bond with your spouse and also increases love between you and your partner.

Will this dua help me to solve my relationship problems with my boyfriend?

Yes, this dua will help you to solve all your relationship problems with your boyfriend and if you still want any consultation then feel free to contact Molana ji on what’s app.

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