Best dua for marriage – Read all the dua’s today

Marriage is the bond of two partners and the most loveable bond in one’s life. Allah always bless there child’s with love and happiness . Today , we will talk about the best dua for marriage.

If you are facing problems in finding the right partner for you or your parents are not getting agree for your marriage with the person you want to marry . Then you have visited the right place all the below mentioned dua’s are for you .

So , This below mentioned article is specially for the parents who are struggling for there kids to get them marry and also for the person’s who are finding the best and right partner for them.

What are the best dua’s to read for marriage?

The below mentioned dua’s are the best and effective dua and are practiced since ages. You can perform any of the dua regarding your need for marriage .

If you need any help or you feel any kind of problem in performing dua . Then you can feel free to hit the what’s app button mentioned below and contact Molana Faruq Khan ji. He is 24 *7 available to listen to your problems.

Dua for love marriage

This dua is specially for those person who wants to marry there love or want to make the person they love agree for marriage. Always keep your intentions good and pure while performing the dua to get good and effective results.

And here is the step by step process to read the dua for love marriage-

  1. Read 11 times Durood Sharif before and after.
  2. Read 11 times Surah Ar Rahman.
  3. Perform this dua for 21 days . Inshaallah, you will get the results in this time and if you still have any doubt you can molana ji through what’s app.
 dua for love marriage
Dua for love marriage

Dua for love marriage to agree parents

This dua for love marriage to agree parents is for those who wants to get marry to there love. But there parents do not get agree for there marriage . By performing this dua you can grant permission from your parents for your marriage and make them agree and happy for your marriage.

Here are the steps to read the dua –

  1. Make wudu in morning.
  2. Sit in calm place and read Surah taha .
  3. Then wash your hands and face
  4. Read the two Rakat rafil namaz.
  5. Think of the face of the person whom you want to marry.
  6. Read ‘wa alqaytu alayka mahabbatan minni ‘ 25 times.
  7. Now close your eyes and pray to Allah and blow air .
  8. Read this for 11 days continuously.

Dua for marriage and happy life

One of the best dua to have a happy married life.

This dua is for having a happy married life between couples and have love and a powerful bond . This dua helps you to seek blessings from Allah for your marriage.

Here are the steps to read dua –

  1. Make Wudu (ablution).
    2.Find a clean white paper and right verse number 33 of surah Ahzab on it.
  2. Then recite verse number 33 of surah Ahzab from the Quran (Muhaf).
  3. Put the paper in a clean box.
  4. Then put that white paper in a clean box in a safe place where no one will touch it.
  5. Make the dua for Allah to ease your marriage. And send you the right person to marry.
  6. The next day, make Wudu.
  7. Take the paper out and read the verse.
  8. Do that for continuous 21 days.

Dua for marriage someone you love

This dua is the most effective and most powerful dua practiced since ages . The dua is specially for the person’s those who have find the right match for themselves and want to marry them .

This dua will help you to marry the person of your choice and also you will have a happy married life ahead .

What should you do? Recite this dua five times every day. Or keep reading it for 40 days or until you get marry.

  1. Make Wudu.
  2. Pray the five daily prayers.
  3. Start reading with Bismillah.
  4. Read Durood Pak before and after reading the surah.
  5. Give out Sadaqah before you start reading surah Mumtahina for marriage.
  6. Ask Allah to help you get married and find the right person.
Dua for marriage someone you love
Dua for marriage someone you love

Dua for marriage soon

This dua is for those who feels problems in getting married or the person who feel difficulties in getting married even after they have met there right partner .

Here are the steps mentioned to perform Dua-

1.Make ablution (wudu).
2.Sit on the prayer mat in a calm place.
3.Read Durood Shareef 11 times before and after. And think of the person you want to marry.
4.After that read Surah Muzammil 41 times with pure intentions.
5.Make a Dua for Allah to help you get married.

Dua for marriage couples

This dua is for finding the right partner for you.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Make wudu.
  2. Sit in a clean, and calm place.
  3. Recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times before and after reading the verse.
  4. Recite verse number 54 of surah Furqan.
  5. Raise your hands and make Dua. Ask Allah for help and to find the right person to marry.
  6. Do this for 11 days continuously.
Dua for marriage couples
Dua for marriage couples


All the above mentioned dua’s are related to marriage these all dua’s are practiced since ages and have a very effective results .

You can perform all the above mentioned dua according to your needs and requirements and if you still feel any problem or want to consult about your problems feel free to contact Molana Faruq Khan ji on whats app .

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